Flower & Produce Show 2019


The Rose Bowl – Mr Q
Awarded to the person with the highest number of points in the two Home-Grown classes, (flowers, vegetables and fruit).

The Silver Tankard – Liz Kohler
Awarded to the person with the highest number of points in Domestic Delights (includes baking and preserves).

The RHS Grenfell MedalJess Maddock
Awarded to the person with the highest points in flower arranging (categories 4, 5 and 6).

Best in show – cake by Fiona and Gabriel

The Silver Cup – Fiona and Gabriel
Given to the Best Exhibit in the Show.

The Club award for domestic delights – De Beauvoir WI
Given to the Best Exhibit in the Show.


1. Dahlias (3 stems) – 1st prize tbc; 2nd prize Annie Blackmore; 3rd prize Dee Carter

2. Perennials (3 varieties) – 1st prize Tigger Cullinan;

3. A favourite pot plant – (no entries)

4. A bee-friendly flower arrangement– 1st prize Avril Broadley;
2nd prize Dee Carter

5. A flower arrangement including seed heads – 1st prize Stephen King; 2nd prize Jess Maddock; 3rd prize Dee Carter; highly commended Cec Darker

6. A herbal posy– 1st prize Jess Maddock; 2nd prize Avril Broadley


7. Root veg including potatoes (5 examples) – 1st prize Mr Q; 2nd prize Philip Pearson; 3rd prize Tom McManus

8. Unusual or exotic vegetable – 1st prize Mr Q; 2nd prize Mr Q; 3rd prize Nony Ardill

9. Courgette, squash or cucumber (2 examples) – 1st prize Mr Q; 2nd prize Tom McManus; 3rd prize Kayla

10. Tomatoes with calyx (5 examples) – 1st prize Voakes; 2nd prize Kayla; 3rd prize Mr Q

11. The biggest marrow – 1st prize Deborah Jeffries; 2nd prize David Owen; 3rd prize Elizabeth Fletcher

12. Beans (5 examples) – 1st prize Kayla; 2nd prize Victoria Williams-Ellis; 3rd prize Pat McAlindon

13. Hard fruit e.g. apple, pear (3 examples) – 1st prize Liz Hatt; 2nd prize Derek Connell; 3rd prize Dee Carter

14. Soft fruit (5 examples) – 1st prize Richard Turnbull; 2nd prize Stephen King; 3rd prize Stephen King


15. A showstopper cake – 1st prize Rosalind Kempton; 2nd prize joint Liz Kohler; 3rd prize Fiona & Gabriel

16. A chocolate cake – 1st prize Nancy Korman; 2nd prize joint Suzi Edwards-Alexander

17. A plant based bake (vegan) – 1st prize Liz Kohler; 2nd prize joint Suzi Edwards-Alexander; 3rd prize Annie Blackmore

18. Gluten free bake: a cake, 4 small cakes or 4 biscuits – 1st prize Suzi Edwards-Alexander; 2nd prize joint Annie Blackmore; 3rd prize Liz Kohler

19. A cake or 4 cupcakes with a home grown ingredient or decoration – (no entries)

20. A loaf of sourdough bread – 1st prize Caroline Griffiths; 2nd prize Annie Blackmore; 3rd prize John Franklin; highly commended Richard Turnbull

21. A flatbread – 1st prize Annie Blackmore; 2nd prize Andrew Barrass; 3rd prize Liz Kohler

22. Jar of jam – 1st prize De Beauvoir WI

23. Jar of jelly – 1st prize Mark Pearce; 2nd prize Liz Kohler; 3rd prize Rob Saunders

24. Jar of marmalade– 1st prize Tom Carter; 2nd prize joint Jakki Dehn; 3rd prize Alexander Stevenson

25. Jar of chutney or pickle – 1st prize De Beauvoir WI; 2nd prize Liz Kohler; 3rd prize Mark Pearce


26. Creepy crawlies (stitched, knitted or crocheted) – 1st prize De Beauvoir WI

27. Birds (drawing, painting or photo) – 1st prize Jeremy Hornsby; 2nd prize Jeremy Hornsby; 3rd prize Diana Mansfield

28. Collage or greetings card using dried flowers – 1st prize Kayla Baxter


29. A bee-friendly flower arrangement – 1st Prize Sidney

30. A vegetable you’ve grown – 1st prize Fred Owen (carrots); 2nd prize joint Sidney (pumpkin), Tilda & Cleo (grapes); 3rd prize Elizabeth Fletcher (yellow courgette)

31. A fruit you’ve grown – 1st prize Joshua (grapes); 2nd prize joint Joshua (apples), Tilda & Cleo (grapes)

32. Your favourite bake – 1st prize Rose (banana bread); 2nd prize Amory Morris (oat & raspberry cake); 3rd prize Jack Hives (garden cake); highly commended Rose (soda bread)

33. A wildlife collage made with items from the recycling bin – 1st prize Livia; 2nd prize joint Zuzu Johnston, Ossian Pedder Walker

34. Jewellery from recycled or items found in nature – 1st prize Sophie

35. Halloween eco-warrior mask made from recycled items

Richard Arnold judging Big and Beautiful


Judged by Richard Arnold from Good Morning Britain.

The best in show prizes were sponsored by Lily’s Kitchen; the doggie bags were sponsored by Burns Nutrition and Nugget’s Choice dog treats.

In baking September heat and the chaos of 50 dogs our scoring sheet went missing. These are the winners as we remember them but if you know differnet please let us know!

Prettiest PoochMoss (whippet)

Handsomest HoundCooper (Hungarian Vizsla)

• Waggiest tail – Biscuit

• Best rescue story – Raquel (chihuahua)
Prize sponsored by Wunderdog Magazine

• Puppy love (under 1 year)Bernie (mini schnauzer)
Prize sponsored by Hackney Hounds puppy playgroup

• Golden oldie (over 8 years)Stanley (Basset Hound)

• Best trick – Rusty
Prize sponsored by Trickwoofs

• Eco-warrior Fancy Dress – Stella (staffie)

• Dog most like its owner – Phoebe (Daschund)

• Scruffiest mutt – Rosa

• Big and beautiful – Maisie (giant poodle)

• Small and sassy – Amelie (cross)

Charity Raffle

Proceeds split between St Joseph’s Hospice garden, The Garden Classroom and The Wildlife Gardeners of Haggerston.

Our thanks to the local businesses who donated prizes: Arcola Theatre, Burley Fisher Books, Chas Tapp, De Beauvoir Deli, Florence Wylde Nutrition, Hackney Mosaic, Healthy Back Bag, Light Yoga Space, N1 Garden Centre, Presto mini-market, Rio Cinema, Rosemary Branch, Scolt Head, Steph Stewart, Stepping Stones, Sweet Thursday, The Talbot, Zeb Soanes

See you next year!