Flower & Produce Show 2016 Results

The show took place on Sunday 11th September 2016, 2 – 5:30pm
In The Crypt and outside of St. Peter’s Church, London N1 4DA (corner of Northchurch Terrace and De Beauvoir Road).

Here are the results!  2016-09-11-15-31-50

You can see lots of pictures of the day HERE.

The Rose Bowl was won by Gillian Rowe for the highest number of points in the Flowers and Home-grown classes.



2016-09-11-15-18-34The Tankard was won by Annie Blackmore for the high number of points in the Domestic Delights (baking and preserves) class.



2016-09-11-15-32-10 The Silver Cup was awarded to Justina Kochansky for her necklace on a garden theme which she is wearing in the photo holding her cup.  It was made from was made from a real quail’s egg, varnished.  The golden leaf spikes were made of real rose thorns!

St Mary’s Secret Garden won the club prize in the Home-grown Class.

Entry Categories

Adults Prize-winners Children Prize-winners
1. Rose – single stem 1st  Gillian Rowe

2nd Mrs Ben Beddard

3rd Anne Edge

2. You favourite flower 1st Gillian Rowe

2nd Gillian Rowe

3rd Dee Carter

3. Nectar-rich flowers 1st Dee Carter

2nd Constantine Edwards

3rd Gillian Rowe

4. A flower arrangement 1st Tigger Cullinan

2nd Vernon Trafford

3rd Fran Smith

1st Ismay Tims
5. Potatoes or other root veg 1st Phillip Pearson

2nd David O’Brien

3rd St Mary’s Secret Garden

1st Sidney Owen

2nd Tille & Cleo


6. Unusual or exotic vegetable 1st Joanna Burgess

2nd Annie Blackmore

3rd Phillip Pearson

7. Courgette, squash or cucumber 1st St Mary’s Secret Garden

2nd Maxwell Harrison

3rd Annie Blackmore

1st Fred Owen


8. Tomatoes with calyx 1st Tom Southerden

2nd Phillip Pearson

3rd Maxwell Harrison

1st Fenn

2nd Fred Owen

3rd Elodie Tims

9. The biggest marrow 1st Phillip Pearson 1st Elodie Tims
10. Onions, shallots or leeks 1st & 2nd

St Mary’s Secret Garden

11. Beans 1st Joanna Burgess

2nd Phillip Pearson

3rd Vernon Trafford

1st Albert Beddard

2nd Elodie Tims

3rd Fenn

12. Bunch of mixed herbs 1st Gillian Rowe

2nd Debbie Lawrence

1st Ismay Tims

2nd Elodie Tims

13. Hard fruit 1st & 2nd – St Mary’s Secret Garden

3rd Alex Dykes

1st Freddie
14. Soft fruit 1st Max Albron

2nd St Mary’s Secret Garden

3rd Dee Carter

1st Ismay Tims
Domestic Delights    Baking
15. A cake with an unusual ingredient 1st Susan McFarland

2nd Juliet Grech

3rd Jemma Wright

16. An open tart, sweet or savoury 1st Connor O’Malley

2nd Dee Carter

3rd Nancy Korman

17. Your favourite cake 1st Dee Carter

2nd Jakki      Dehn

3rd Sally Beagley

18. Cupcakes 1st Sara Lawrence

2nd Annie Blackmore

3rd Andrew Davidson

1st Anjelica Reynolds & Yilu Lim

2nd Jonah Sharp (Made from a recipe in the cookbook he won at the show last year)

19. Biscuits 1st Annie Blackmore

2nd Tristan Bryant

1st Stanley

2nd Mimi Taylor

3rd Sam Sharp

20. A loaf of bread or 3 rolls 1st Benjamin King

2nd Annie Blackmore

3rd Andrew Barrasis

Domestic Delights     Preserves
21. Pot of jam or jelly 1st Maxwell Harrison

2nd Annie Blackmore

3rd Simon Bennett

1st Madeline Kowal

2nd  Madeline Kowal

3rd Fenn



22.    Pot of marmalade 1st St Mary’ Secret Garden

2nd Liz Thoday

3rd Richard Yoder

23. Chutneys, Pickles and other preserves 1st Maxwell Harrison

2nd Dee Carter

3rd Annie Blackmore

Young Gardeners
(under 12’s)
24. Drawing or photograph garden friend or foe 1st Nora Wallace

2nd  Livia

3rd Delphe Wallace

25. Animal or insect made out of flowers, vegetables or fruit 1st Violette

2nd Lula

3rd Misha

26. Something grown at school or from a seed planted at Party in the Park
27. Glove puppet made from a sock

Arts & Crafts

28. Greeting card any medium 1st Hannah Senior

2nd Caroline Griffiths

3rd Hannah Senior

1st Ismay Tims

2nd Elodie Tims


29. Floral tea or egg cosy stitched, knitted or crocheted 1st Pamela Dow

2nd Pamela Dow

3rd Amanda Lovegrove

30. Home-made piece of jewellery (brooch, necklace, bracelet or ring) on a garden theme 1st Justina Kochansky

2nd Lilly Werth

3rd Lilly Werth

1st Edith Beddard

2nd Elodie Tims

3rd  Ismay Tims


Dog Show

The famous De Beauvoir Dog Show 2016 Results are:
Best Boy – George, Schweenie
Best Girl – Shrew, Shichi
  1. Pint sized Pooch – Bella, Pomeranian
  2. Best Rescue – Worzel, Rick
  3. Big is Beautiful – Billie, White Alsatian
  4. Waggiest Tail – Otis, Miniature Dachshund
  5. Puppy Love Noah, Whippet
  6. Best Hairdo – Milo, Cavashon
  7. Best Trick Humphrey, Lhasa Apso
  8. Made in Britain – Scotty, Scottie Dog
  9. Best Cross – Spud, Jackawawa
  10. Flower Fancy Dress  – Timmy, Whippet


George and Humphrey

More Photos here http://wp.me/P2jiVt-n5!