Blooms, Bakes and Barks – de Beauvoir Show 2022 winners

Last Sunday, De Beauvoir Gardeners held their much missed annual Show, which had not been held in 2020 and 2021 because of Covid. It was a joyful occasion humming with activity, with a competition for entries of flowers, veg, baking, preserving and arts in St. Peter’s Church; tea and cakes in the crypt café; over twenty stalls, games and children’s activities outside, and the stormingly popular Dog Show in De Beauvoir Square. The Show was co-organised by Cec Darker and Kirsty Norman, with a large team of volunteer helpers, and they were amazed at the response. “We had more people coming than ever before”, said Kirsty. “I think people are just so glad to return to something normal and positive.”

Best in Show was awarded to a fabulous marine-themed cake entered in the Showstopper category, made by Iris Crane and her friend Catrin Marsden, age 11. There was a particular emphasis on the environment at the Show this year, with stalls peopled by the Tree Musketeers, Sustainable Hackney, the Wildlife Gardeners of Haggerston, Gaspard the Fox (aka Zeb Soanes of Classic FM), the Good Bee and more, so Iris couldn’t have done better in her choice.

Profits from the Show will go to St. Mary’s Secret Garden, the garden of St. Joseph’s Hospice, and to De Beauvoir Gardeners.

We are pleased to announce the winners:

Silver cup for Best in Show – Iris Crane and her friend Catrin Marsden, age 11 

Rose Bowl for home grown produce – Annie Blackmore 

Silver Tankard for Domestic Delights – shared between Tom Carter and Kirsty Norman 

RHS Banksian medal for flower arranging – Cecilia Darker


• 1 Showstopper cake – (adult) – Vic Aubrey; (children) – Iris and Catrin

• 2  Chocolate cake – Anne Chitan

• 4 Plant-based cake – Mimi Evans

• 5. National bake of another country – Kirsty Norman

• 6. Something you learned to bake in lockdown – Cath Caldwell and Daniel Warnes

• 7. A sourdough loaf – Nick Boyce

• 9. Pot of jam – Sara Lawrence

• 10 Pot of jelly – Cath Caldwell

• 11 Pot of marmalade – Tom Carter

• 12 Jar of chutney or pickle – Jeannie Waldman

• 13 Dahlias – Kirsty Norman

• 14 Perennials – Dee Carter

• 16 Favourite indoor/house plant – Dee Carter

• 17 Arrangement of whatever you’re proud of in your garden – Judith Parker

• 18  Showstopper arrangement that will make us smile – Lesley Nelsen

• 19 A twig and foliage arrangement – Cecilia Darker

• 20 Root vegetables – Debbie Jefries

• 21 Unusual or exotic vegetable – Annie Blackmore

• 22 Courgette/squash/cucumber – Debbie Jefries

• 23 Tomatoes – Dee Carter

• 24 Biggest marrow – Ailsa Roberts

• 25 Beans – Annie Blackmore

• 26 Hard fruit – Avril Broadley

• 27 Soft Fruit – Stephen King

• 31 Favourite bake – Sophie Bucher

• 32 A hand-made illustrated booklet with your favourite recipes (children) – Cory Bucher

• 33 A climate change themed collage made from items you found in your recycling bin (children) – Sophie Bucher

• 34 Something you learned to make in lockdown – Nancy Korman

• 35 Drawing etc about awareness about climate change  – Sophie Bucher

• 36 A homemade item of knitting, sewing or crochet – Jennifer Shaw

• 37 An item made from items found in your recycling bin – Cecilia Darker


Waggiest Tail – Rudi (Japanese Spitz/Pomerianian cross)

Small & Sassy – Lola (Dachschund)

Best Rescue Story – Clarence (Zuchon)

Puppy Love – Fingal (Irish Wolf Hound)

Best Trick – Solo (Beagle)

Golden Oldie – Sissi (Jackhuahua)

Fancy Dress – Awka (Yorkie Poo)

Best Kept Coat – Fuji (Japanese Spitz)

Best Lockdown Dog (1-3 years) – Archie (Cockapoo)

Big & Beautiful  – Odin (Bernese Mountain Dog)

Prettiest Pooch – Margo (Jackapoo)

Handsomest Hound – Erik (Mongrel)