Festive de Beauvoir

Walking around de Beauvoir and seeing all the christmas trees sparkling is enough to bring warmth to the coldest of days. That and a cup full of mulled wine from one of the garden stalls on today’s de Beauvoir trail. For those of you unable to get out I’ve put together a few pictures so that we remember this time and all the effort that has been made to keep our community together.

Twig Stars in Rainbow Park
Saturday morning brought a bit of sunshine which was very welcome for the little group that gathered at Rainbow Park (Ufton Gardens) to make and hang twig stars. All thanks to Cec who had the idea and made loads of stars as well as donating decorations and putting together kits to make up on the day. There’s still plenty of time to hang your own star and they will stay up for the whole of December.

The de Beauvoir Trail
Local people selling things, many for charity and some small businesses hoping to make a few extra sales from their front gardens. Many thanks to two of our members, Nancy and Amanda, who had the idea after we did the plant sale back in September. No-one could have guessed at how many people would want to be join in – including a couple of local schools and a lovely choir. It was busy but it felt safe to me – outdoors and lots of social distancing with the space to keep away from people if you needed to. Thank you de Beauvoir. i wonder what’s next?

The best thing about this weekend was bumping into so many of our members and saying hello to old friends. Stay warm and healthy.