Visiting gardens, real and virtual

Most gardeners love getting a sneaky peak at other people’s plots. Sometimes its a famous garden like Sissinghurst or Wisley but the most inspiring visits are often the local gardens that belong to our friends and neighbours. You can get to understand what grows in similar soil to your own as well as new planting ideas and see different styles. This week the National Garden Scheme has re-opened some of its gardens to visitors including our own de Beauvoir Group. It really is the best time of year to enjoy a garden visit and you can book tickets here. Kew is also open for visits if you book online first.

One of our DBG members, Mike Spezzano, has been kind enough to share pictures of his garden which was featured on Gardeners World in 2018. Mike was one of 5 finalists in their every space counts competition and you can see a short clip here. He also regularly updates images on instagram if you want to follow him on social media. If you would like to visit Mike’s garden let us know by email and we will put you in contact.

Stephen King has also sent us some pictures of his pretty white garden which we visited on the walkabout last July.

Traditionally our July meeting has been a walkabout where we visit four or five gardens or public spaces and end up in a member’s garden for twilight drinks. This year we will explore four gardens online using YouTube and end up with a Q&A over on Zoom. It won’t be quite the same but you might just pick up a new idea or two. If you are not a member but would like to join in the meeting email us for the invitation.