The leopard slug – a gardener’s friend

Irene Slegt, DBG committee member and journalist, has written a piece about gardening for us which will appear in the next DBA newsletter. In her column she mentions the Leopard slug – her secret ally – which preys on its herbivorous cousins.

A slug that will do our killing for us! We had to share the info immediately so that everyone can nurture this little mollusc if we have it in our gardens. Irene kindly sent some photos:

The leopard slug

Leopard slugs are part of an RHS study on cellar slugs so if you have any of them please help the research by filling in their survey here. Both the yellow and green cellar slugs eat decaying, not growing, plantlife – so these two are also on our good slug list! Take a peak so you know which ones to leave alone if you’re a frequent slug hunter.

Next Tuesday, 4th February we welcome Juan Carlos Cure to our meeting to talk about his tropical garden in the heart of Islington. Hope to see you all then.