De Beauvoir – a new gardening year

If you missed our March meeting it was a corker! It was so well attended that we almost ran out of space. The appeal of a poster about otters in Haggerston obviously worked magic, even when the speaker had to share the floor with our AGM. This is my resume of the event with a few action points:


Nancy T presented an overview of 2018 activities and finances. You can download a copy of the annual report here. Long standing committee members, Nancy K, Dee, Stephen and Maria stood down this year; Irene stayed on the committee, Nancy T is staying for a transition period before standing down and new members Judith, Sophie and Avril were elected. The outgoing committee were presented with some N1 garden vouchers as a token of thanks from the members.

The new committee have put together a programme for 2019 which runs up to July. Members were asked to volunteer to organise speakers and talks for August onwards as this worked very well last year and allows members the opportunity to get more involved. If you would like to organise a speaker please email us with your ideas.

In order to make sure that the club is organising events which members want Irene has produced a short questionnaire. Please help the new committee to understand what subjects and activities by returning your answers. If you didn’t do it at the meeting please can you download the questionnaire and pop it in the letterbox of it to 44 Northchurch Road, N1 4EJ.


Greening in the Regent’s Canal

Gideon Corby introduced the Wildlife Gardeners of Haggerston to the meeting and described the work they’ve been doing in the Kingsland Basin and Regent’s Canal. Their Living Waterway project has been gathering momentum over the past five years and, as the picture above shows, their work is beginning to transform the de Beauvoir section of the canal.

They have installed a series of floating islands along the water’s edge and planted them with native species of aquatic plants. The aim is to providing a habitat for wildlife at the same time as filtering the water of excess nutrients and pollutants. If you want to find out more, follow or support Wildlife Gardeners of Haggerston you can email them or find them on the following social media handles:

Facebook: Regent’s Canal Living Waterway
Instagram: Living Water Way