John Little’s Home

Those of you who came to the meeting in May will remember John Little, who kindly invited the Club to visit his home in Essex.  Four of us went yesterday and were  blown away by his eco-friendly garden filled with amazing ideas.  He and his partner also entertained us royally with a two hour tour of the garden which is filled with wildflower meadows, bug hotels, natural hedges, ponds and green roof bicycle sheds and shelters which he makes on site. His principle is not to remove rubble, rubbish or building materials but to use them to create the garden.  He also uses inexpensive building materials such as the mesh that goes in concrete and perforated sheet metal.   He is a mine of information on wildflowers and insects.  They then gave us a lovely lunch.    Here are some of the highlights.

Plant pots from wire mesh, sand (for sand nesting insects) and piping on the inside.
IMG_1432 (Edited)
Bike Sheds John Little makes on-site with green roofs and insect havens. Many have gone to council estates in Wales.


Wildflower drifts.
The mounds were constructed out of concrete rubble.
John Little shows us how he constructed hedges out of twigs and garden rubbish to create insect and bird havens with trees and bramble starting to grow on the inside.


Back view of John Little’s house with a green roof.
IMG_1426 (Edited)
A green roof pergola


IMG_1423 (Edited)
An office/classroom constructed from two shipping containers wood clad with green roof.