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Another successful Flower and Produce Show. A big thank you to everyone who participated and supported Sunday’s event. Here are all the wonderful winners

The Rose Bowl
 The highest number of points in the first two categories, i.e. flowers and home-grown vegetables and fruit. Won by Carolyn Marcus.
The Silver Tankard The person with the highest number of points in Domestic Delights. Won by Tom Carter.
The Silver Cup Best Exhibit in Show. Won by Ceclia Darker.
The Group Prize The gardening group with the most winning entries. First prize: De Beauvoir WI; second: St. Mary’s Secret Garden.
1. Rose – a single bloom

1st: Liz Hatt, 2nd: De Beauvoir WI (Lesley Thompson), 3rd Maria Pinschof, Highly Commended: WETRA, Child 1st: Livia Pedder Walker
2. Mixed flowers – 1 stem each (at least 5 varieties)
1st: St Mary’s Secret Garden, 2nd: Dee Carter, 3rd: De Beauvoir WI (Lesley Thompson), Highly commended: Sarah Ferner, Child 1st: Flora Williams Ellis
3. Flowers of 1 colour (3 or more varieties)
1st: St Mary’s SG, 2nd: Sarah Fevner, 3rd: Francesca Bartlett, Highly commended: WETRA
4. Your favourite garden flower (3 stems)
1st: Anne Blackmore, 2nd: Carolyn Marcus, 3rd: Dee Carter, Highly commended: Carolyn Marcus
5. A flower arrangement (any design)
1st: Cecilia Darker, 2nd: Stephen King, 3rd: Tigger Cullinan, Highly commended: Dee Carter, Fran Smith, Vernon Trafford, Anne Hardy

Home-grown vegetables and fruit
6. Potatoes or other root vegetable – at least 5
Carolyn Marcus, De Beauvoir WI (Amanda Lovegrove), St Mary’s  Garden, Andrea Williams, 1st Sidney Owen, 3rd Evan Parry
7. Unusual or exotic vegetable
Tom Mc Manus, Annie Blackmore, WETRA, WETRA
8. Courgette, squash or cucumber – 2
St Mary’s S Garden, WETRA, Annie Blackmore
9. Tomatoes with calyx – 5
WETRA, Annie Blackmore, Dee Carter, Carolyn Marcus
1st Elodie Tims, 2nd Layton Parry
10. The biggest marrow
St Mary’s S Garden, David Owen, 1st Sidney Owen, 2nd Frederick Owen
11. Onions, shallots or leeks – 3
St Mary’s S Garden, Carolyn Marcus, St Mary’s S Garden, Annie Blackmore
12. Beans – 5
Carolyn Marcus, Merope Beddard, Dee Carter, Dee Carter, 1st Ismay Tims, 2nd Fred Owen, 3rd Tilda Lowrie
13. Bunch of mixed herbs
WETRA, Carolyn Marcus, St Mary’s SG, 1st Rae Ferner-Rose, 1st Ismay Tims
14. Hard fruit (e.g. apple, pear) – 3
Carolyn Marcus, Merope Beddard, Dee Carter, Dee Carter
15. Soft fruit – 5
Stephen King, Stephen  King, Richard Turnbull, 1st Ismay Tims

Domestic Delights
16. A chocolate cake

1st: De Beauvoir WI (Liz Kohler), 2nd: Dee Carter, 3rd: Margaret Wearing
17. A cake with an unusual ingredient
1st: De Beauvoir WI (Avril Broadley), 2nd: Annie Blackmore, 3rd: Nancy Turnbull, Over 12s Joint 1st: Muirn O’Rhian and Rosa Appignanesi, Child 1st: Jonah Sharp
18. An open tart, sweet or savoury
1st: Ian Stuart, 2nd: Conor O’Malley, 3rd: Margaret Wearing
19. Your favourite cake
1st: WETRA, 2nd: De Beauvoir WI (Pamela Dow), 3rd: De Beauvoir WI (Sara Lawrence), Child 1st: Layton Parry
20. Cupcakes – 3
1st: De Beauvoir WI (Amanda Lovegrove), 2nd: De Beauvoir WI (Sara Lawrence), Child 1st:  Minna Bertram
21. Biscuits – 5
1st: De Beauvoir WI (Sara Lawrence), 2nd: Kathryn Packer, 3rd: Andrew Barras, Child 1st: Elodie Tims
22. A loaf of bread or 3 rolls
1st: Tom Carter, 2nd: Ben King, 3rd: Michael Parry, Child 1st: Evan Parry
23. Pot of jam, jelly or marmalade
1st: Tom Carter, 2nd: Annie Blackmore, 3rd: Kathryn Lowrie, Highly commended: St Mary’s Secret Garden, WETRA, Tom Carter, Eleanor Price, Anne Bunch, Child 1st: Frederick Owen
24. Chutneys or Pickles
1st: WETRA, 2nd: Anne Bunch, 3rd: Dee Carter
25. Other preserves
1st: Amanda Hayes, 2nd: St Mary’s Secret Garden, 3rd: Anne Bunch
Young Gardeners (under 12)
26. Miniature garden
1st: Missy Trethewey, 2nd: Cleo Lowrie, 3rd: Ismay Tims and Elodie Tims, Highly commended: Livia Pedder Walker and Tilda Lowry
27. Animal or insect made out of flowers, vegetables or fruit
1st: Fenn Reeves, 2nd: Lilla Bhose, 3rd: Evan Parry and Lula Jankovi, Highly commended: Ismay Tims, Layton Parry, Elodie Tims, Misha Jankovic, Fenn Reeves
Photography, drawing and painting
29. Picture of a fruit or vegetable

1st: Jeremy Hornsby, 2nd: Vernon Trafford and Stephen King, 3rd: Roger Till, Child 1st: Olivia Grech, 2nd: Sam Sharp, 3rd: Ida Bertram, Highly Commended: Juliet Grech, Minna Bertram
30. Picture of a flower or shrub
1st: Jeremy Hornsby, 2nd: Roger Till, 3rd: Tom Carter, Highly Commended: Leila Wade, Olivia Grech
31. Selfie with garden friend or foe
1st: St Mary’s S Garden (Jerry), 2nd: Jeremy Hornsby, 3rd: Stephen King, Highly commended: St Mary’s Secret Garden (Michael & Philip), Highly commended: Matilda Wade
Dog Show
  1. Pint sized Pooch  (winner Moose, chiweenie)
  2. Best Rescue (winner Byron, labrador)
  3. Big is Beautiful (winner Huxley, great dane)
  4. Waggiest Tail (winner Annie, shi chi)
  5. Puppy Love (under 1 year old) (winner Ziggy, collie/whippet cross)
  6. Best Hairdo ( winner Frida, Hungarian puli)
  7. Best 6 legs (winner Charley cavarpoo)
  8. Made in Britain (eg. Jack Russell, King Charles Spaniel, British Bulldog, Lakeland Terrier, Scottie, Westie etc..) (winner Lolly, staffordhsire bull terrier)
  9. Best Trick (winner Ricci, miniature schnauzer)
  10. Little Rascal (winner Cosmo, miniature schnauzer)
  11. Best boy (winner Willy, whippet)
  12. Best girl (winner Bobo, cockapoo)
The dog show was presented and judged by Simon Stuart of Groom Dog City.
He has a petition to regulate dog grooming which you can sign here.