Planting of the Month

The De Beauvoir Gardeners are delighted to see the new interest in planting up areas in public view making the neighbourhood a more pleasant place. We would like to give these some recognition by awarding a monthly prize of £25 for the ‘Planting of the month’. A planting can be any space, which can be seen from the street, including window-boxes, pots, front gardens, tree-pits etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful, we would welcome entries from front garden veg plots as well. You may enter your own ‘garden’ or nominate something interesting you have seen.

  • Entries must be from an area covered by the club, that is London Fields, De Beauvoir, Dalston, East Islington.
  • The planting must be visible to passers-by.
  • If entering on someone else’s behalf, you must have their permission.

You can enter by sending a photo with your name and address to
Each month the photo of the winning planting will be posted on our website.

Winner March 2015

Richmond RdWe are pleased to announce our first winner which is ‘71 at 71’ a front garden filled with herbs at 71 Richmond Rd. Mac says …‘I am not the best of gardeners but there is an enormous interest in herbs beyond the basic ‘parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme’ and all I try to do is try and add a little more interest and gun. Even the youngest children enjoy strong smelling plants, especially the chocolate mint. I am happy to give away seeds and cuttings.’