All the Winners!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who entered this year’s show and helped make such a wonderful display. Here’s the list of prizewinners:

Maggie Hendrick
 won the Rose Bowl for the most prizes in Flowers / Fruit and veg, Annie Blackmore won the Silver Tankard for the most prize winners in Domestic Delights, Edie Ramsay (Age 12) won Best in Show for her miniature garden.

St Marys Secret Garden Home Grown,
De Beauvoir WI Domestic Delights.

Favourite Garden Flower, 1st Fenn Reeves (Age 8); Exotic Vegetable, 1st Layton (Age 9); Soft Fruit, 1st Elodie Tims (Age 5); Bunch of Herbs, 1st Rae Ferner Rosie (Age 12); Hard Fruit, 1st Kitty (Age 12) and Fenn Reeves (Age 8); Tomatoes, 1st Minna (Age 10) and Ida (Age 3) Bertram; Beans, 1st Ismay Tims (Age 8), 2nd Layton (Age 9); Miniature Garden, 1st Edie Ramsay (Age 11) & Ismay Tims (Age 8), 2nd Elodie Tims (Age 5), 3rd Lula Tankovic (Age 3) & Liuvia Walker (Age 4); Animal or Insect made out of flowers, vegetable or fruit, 1st Minna Bertram (Age 10) & Elodie Tims (Age 5), 2nd Evan (Age 8) & Lorita Tomlin (Age 9), 3rd Ismay Tims (Age 8); Something you have grown yourself from seed, 1st Fred (Age 6) & Sidney (Age 3), 2nd Liuvia Walker (Age 4) & Evan (Age 8), 3rd Nathaniel Ayodele Bolaji (Age 5) & Evan (Age 8).

Chocolate Cake, 1st Iris Ramsay (Age 11); Your Favourite Cake, 1st Max Agar (Age 11), Pot of Jam Jelly or Preserve, 1st Sid & Vic (Age 8), 2nd Sid & Vic (Age 8), 3rd Max Agar (Age 11).

Picture of a fruit or vegetable, 1st Nova (Age 5) & Debbie (Age 2), 2nd Anne & Ida Bertram (Age 5), 3rd Nova (Age 5); Picture of a flower or shrub, 1st Fenn Reeves (Age 8) & Minna Bertram (Age 8), 2nd Nathaniel Ayodele Bolaji (Age 5); Garden friends or enemies, 1st Iris Crane (Age 3), 2nd Zofia Boyd (Age 6) & Fenn Reeves (Age 8) & Kitty Reeves (Age 12) & Rosa Tomlin (Age 12); World War One theme with poppy, 1st Kit Crane (Age 5), 2nd Rosa Tomlin (Age 12).

1. Rose – a single bloom,1st Kirsty Norman & Debra Lawrence,
2nd Tigger Cullinan & Lesley Thompson, 3rd Jill Morland.
2. Mixed flowers – 1 stem each, 1st Dee Carter, 2nd Francesca Bartlett.
3. Flowers of 1 colour, 1st St Mary’s Secret Garden, 2nd Mary Norden.
4. Your favourite garden flower, 1st Kirsty Norman & Annie Blackmore,
2nd Brian Voakes, 3rd Maggie Hendrick & Christopher Preston.
5. A flower arrangement, 1st Kirsty Noman & Stephen King, 2nd Tigger Cullinan & Stephen King, 3rd Tigger Cullinan.

6. Potatoes or other root veg, 1st David Owen, 2nd Maggie Hendrick, 3rd Maggie Hendrick.
7. Unusual or exotic vegetable, 1st St Mary’s Secret Garden, 2nd Joanna Burgess,
3rd De Beauvoir WI.
8. Courgette, squash or cucumber, 1st Nancy Korman, 2nd St Mary’s Secret Garden, 3rd Maggie Hendrick.
9. Tomatoes with calyx, 1st Nancy Korman, 2nd Tigger Cullinan, 3rd Jane Williams.
10. The biggest marrow, 1st St Mary’s Secret Garden & Louis Proudfoot.
11. Onions, shallots or leeks, 1st St Mary’s Secret Garden.
12. Beans, 1st Maggie Hendrick, 2nd Jenny & Tom, 3rd Joanna Burgess.
13.  Bunch of mixed herbs, 1st St Mary’s Secret Garden, 2nd Joanna Burgess, 3rd Tom McManus.
14. Hard fruit, 1st Maggie Hendrick, 2nd Dee Carter, 3rd Kathleen Kelliher.
15. Soft fruit, 1st Richard Turnbull, 2nd Maggie Hendrick, 3rd Stephen King.

16. chocolate cake, 1st Margaret Wearing, 2nd Nancy Korman.
17.  A cake with an unusual ingredient, 1st Gillian Daniell, 2nd Judy Dunwoody.
18.  An open tart, sweet or savoury, 1st Margaret Wearing, 2nd Nancy Korman, 3rd De Beauvoir WI.
19.  Your favourite cake, 1st Joan Miller, 2nd Annie Blackmore, 3rd Martha McSweeney.
20.  Cupcakes, 1st Annie Blackmore, 2nd De Beauvoir WI, 3rd De Beauvoir WI.
21.  Biscuits, 1st Andrew Davidson, 2nd Jenny Topper, 3rd Brian Voakes.
22.  A loaf of bread or 3 rolls, 1st Annie Blackmore, 2nd Benjamin King, 3rd Tom Carter.
23.  Pot of jam, jelly or marmalade, 1st Tigger Cullinan, 2nd Tom Carter, 3rd Christopher Preston.
24.  Other preserves, 1st Annie Blackmore, 2nd Kathryn Packer, 3rd Lucy Witt.

28.  Picture of a fruit or vegetable, 1st Stephen King & Fiachra O’Reigan, 2nd Stephen King & Stephen King, 3rd Catherine Hetherington.
29. Picture of a flower or shrub, 1st Diana Mansfield, 2nd Gillian Daniell & Jonny Moy, 3rd Charles Garrad & Stephen King.
30. Garden friends or enemies, 1st Lisa Brown & Diana Mansfield, 2nd Gillian Daniell & Stephen King, 3rd Jonny Moy.
30.  World War One theme with poppy, 1st Stephen King, 2nd Andrew Barrass.

Moose Pint sized Pooch, Hank Best Rescue, Cassie Big is Beautiful, George Waggiest Tail, Kin Puppy Love, Sumter Best Hairdo, Maus Best 6 legs, Charlie Made in Britain, Chanel Best Trick, Carlos Little Rascal, Gypsy Best Girl, Peaches Best Boy.



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