Congratulations to the 2013 Flower and Produce winners

De Beauvoir Gardeners want to thank everyone who entered the show and made it such a success. Apologies in advance for any mistakes in the list below.

Nancy Korman won the Silver Tankard for Domestic Delights.
Garden Hoes (a consortium of young wives/mothers who share gardens) won the Rose Bowl for flowers and home-grown vegetables.
Andrew Davidson won the Silver Cup for Best Exhibit in Show with a totally amazing roasted hazelnut cake

1. Rose – a single bloom: 1st Naomi Wilkinson, 2nd Sue Pedder and Maria Pinschof, 3rd Jane Tully.
2. 2 sprays of fuchsia: 1st Margaret Wearing, 2nd Naomi Wilkinson.
3. Mixed flowers – 1 stem each (at least 5 varieties): 1st Mary Norden, 2nd Jill Morland.
4. Flowers of 1 colour (3 or more varieties): 1st Susan McFarland- Lyon, 2nd Dee Carter.
5. Your favourite garden flower (3 stems): 1st Brian Voake, 2nd Dee Carter, 3rd Mary Norden.
Home-grown vegetables and fruit
6. Potatoes – at least 5: 1st David Owen, 2nd Nancy Korman, 2nd Daragh McDonagh.
7. A lettuce
8. Courgettes or squash: 1st Susan McFarland-Lyon, 2nd Garden Hoes, 3rd Garden  Hoes.
9. Tomatoes with calyx – 5: 1st Kirsty Norman, 2nd Andrea Williams, 3rd Nancy Korman.
10. The biggest marrow: 1st Frederick Owen, 2nd Hannah Senior, 3rd Garden Hoes.
11. Onions – 3, or shallots – 5: 1st Garden Hoes.
12. French or runner beans – 5: 1st Nancy Korman and Kathleen Kelliher, 3rd S Tully.
13. Bunch of mixed herbs: 1st Tom McManus, 2nd Garden Hoes, 3rd Jane Tully.
14.  Plums or quinces – 3: 1st Dee Carter, 2nd Garden Hoes, 3rd Fenn Reeves.
15. Soft fruit – 5: 1st Nancy Korman, 2nd Stephen King, 3rd Dee Carter.
Floral Arrangements
16. Blue, red and white flowers: 1st Stephen King.
17. Dried flowers: 1st Gillian Daniell.
18. A fantasy of autumn colours: 1st Stephen King, 2nd Dee Carter.
Domestic Delights
19. A chocolate cake: 1st Katie Cross, 2nd Bridge family, 3rd Andrew Davidson.
20. An open tart, sweet or savoury: 1st Jane Tully.
21. Your favourite cake: 1st Andrew Davidson (best in show), 2nd Margaret Wearing, 3rd Brian Voake. Under 12s: 1st Rosa Appignanen (age 12), 2nd Meg (age 12) and Flo (age 11).
22. Cup cakes: 1st Nancy Korman. Under 12s, 1st and 2nd Honor Williams Ellis (age 11). 23. Biscuits: 1st Margaret Wearing, 2nd Avril Broadley, 3rd Dee Carter.
24. A loaf of bread or 3 rolls: 1st Tom Carter, 2nd James Weight, 3rd Jane Tully.
25. Pot of jam: 1st Dee Carter, 2nd Joanne Rowe, 3rd Jakki Den. Under 12s: 1st Minna (age 9) and ida Bertram (age 4), 2nd Angelica (age 7) and Olive (age 5), 3rd Beatrice (age 9) and Olive (age 5).
26. Pot of marmalade: 1st Nancy Korman, 2nd Tom Carter, 3rd Dee Carter.
27.  Pot of chutney or other preserve: 1st Dee Carter
Young Gardeners
28. Miniature garden: 1st Honor Williams Ellis.
29. Animal or insect made out of flowers, vegetables or fruit: 1st Piper Revere.
30. Something you have grown to eat: 1st Charlie Tyler, Edmund Lyons, Rosa Appignanen, Arabella Basha and Sydney Owen, 2nd Charlie Tyler, Balthazar Basha and Fred Owen.
Photography, drawing and painting
31. Picture of a fruit or vegetable: 1st Stephen King, 2nd Vernon Trafford, 3rd Kirsty Norman. Under 12s: 1st fabulous photo by little boy whose name we have lost! Drawings: 1st Kitty Reeves (age 11,) 2nd Fenn Reeves (age 7)
32. Picture of a flower or shrub: 1st Jenny Leighton, 2nd Roger Till, 3rd Kirsty Norman. Under 12s: 1st Minna Bertram (age 9), 2nd Sophie Kagan (age 11).
33. Garden friends or enemies: 1st Diana Mansfield, 2nd Naomi Williamson, 3rd Jenny Leighton. Under 12s: 1st Fenn Reeves (age 7), 2nd Robin (age 8) and Kit Crane (age 4.5), 3rd Kitty Reeves (age 11).
34. My favourite holiday picture: 1st Paul Bolding, 2nd Ellie King and Jenny Leighton. Under 12s: 1st Juliet Grech (age 4), 2nd Sebastian Grech (age 9), 3rd Olivia Grech (age 7).

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