2013 Dog Show – the winners

We had a full quota at this year’s dog show with 50 dogs entering our fun contest. A big thank you to Stuart Simons of Groom Dog City for being a fabulous judge and to Paws and Purrs for sponsoring Best Girl and Best Boy – and congratulations to their dog Betty who performed her trick so beautifully! Thanks to everyone who entered and I promise to have have more small dog categories next year! I’ve attached a gallery of the show with pics by Teri Tyndale and Andrew Barrass.

The winners were:
Schnitzel (Small and Sweet)
Florence (Big and Beautiful)
Wags (Waggiest Tail)
Hank (Floppiest Ears)
Wilfred (Young Turk, puppy)
Cassie (Old Timer)
Amy (Best hairdo)
Betty (Best Trick)
Dory (Best Girl)
Goblin (Best Boy)


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