Improving and protecting tree pits in De Beauvoir Town

Come to show your support and share your opinion!
Public forum, 7.30pm 26th March, Scolt Head (107A Culford Rd, N1 4HT)

A group of local residents are proposing to ask the council for medium term use of the tree pits in De Beauvoir (5-10 years). This would result in some tree pits being planted up like those on Ockendon Road in Islington and formal protection for those who already plant on their street (currently there is no formal guarantee that they won’t be dug up or sprayed with herbicide). It would also mean that the areas around the trees would not be pebble resined over, as is happening on various streets.

We shall be meeting to discuss the future of the local tree pits and put together the proposition if there is sufficient interest and support from local residents.

All residents are invited to join and show their support, interest and knowledge. This is also an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about these plans. If you cannot make it but wish to share your opinion on the matter, please email me

We hope to see you there.
Miranda Janatka


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