Grow and Eat


Miranda’s summer project on the De Beauvoir Estate
Try it out: 11am Tuesday 24th July for ages 11-17 who live on the De Beauvoir Estate.

This summer I am organising a ‘grow your own’ scheme on the De Beauvoir Estate. The project will be called ‘Grow and Eat’ and the aim is to provide fifteen 11–17 year olds with the resources, advice and support to grow and maintain their own vegetables. The first step will be an ‘open day’ on Tuesday the 24th of July in the open space next to the Rose Lipman Community Hall.
I shall be there making newspaper pots, getting residents to fill them with compost, plant a seed and take home. During this event, I hope to sign up the young adult participants for the project as well as the 5 resident supporters that I need for the site application form.

Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone who you know who either lives on the estate or lives anywhere and might want to pop along to support for any amount of time up to an hour – including yourselves! (Even better if they want to bring some soil, young plants, milk cartons, seeds or pots – I intend to make most out of newspaper). IT WILL BE FUN! You are also welcome to leave any donations of seed, milk cartons or pots in my driveway (41 Ufton Road) and I will gladly take them down on your behalf on the day.

I really appreciate all your help, support and advice so far. The funding for this summer long project is confirmed, including money for 4 beautiful planters (see below), the soil and plants! I just need to get the young participants (and for the form support from 5 residents to do this) – I am so excited about this project and have had good feedback from residents so far!







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