Weeding DBG Chelsea Fringe Site

On Sunday 7 July Gerald, Nancy K, Cleo, Maria and of course Miranda turned up to weed the DBG Chelsea Fringe site at the corner of Northchurch and Southchurch Roads. It has been delighting the many passers by since Miranda created it in May and now looks lovely again. With the longer term future in mind Jennifer Benyon has kindly offered to donate lonicera nitida that we could edge the beds with and eventually clip into a nice low hedge.

BDG Chelsea Fringe site, Northcurch/Southgate corner


One thought on “Weeding DBG Chelsea Fringe Site

  1. Triggered into action by the activity here, I finally tackled the weeding etc on the Hertford Road/Stamford Road junction on Sunday evening. Most of the planting seems to have taken well, which is encouraging given its modest origins. Yesterday, I sorted out a few more donated plants to fill the gaps which I was encouraged by the forecast to believe that I could put in today – but then it rained so much again that I’ll try later this week instead….

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