Urgent call for plants/seed donations for the Chelsea Fringe

This Friday and Saturday, members of the De Beauvoir Gardeners alongside local residents will be planting out the plug plants and seeds that have so far been collected. We have plants from the N1 Garden Centre, a very small number of plants from the DBG plant sale and a few bought from B&Q with a donation of money from the De Beauvoir Gardeners. If you are able to donate anything this week, if would be really appreciated, as there are about 30 sites being set up this week to make our streets bloom for (at least) the next 3 weeks from this weekend!

Contact Miranda on mirandajanatka@gmail.com or leave donations on the driveway of 41 Ufton Road. Alternatively, Miranda is able to do a local pick up on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening!

We should all try to support this really enthusiastic team and make our street bloom. If you haven’t seen what they have been up to so far and for details of your nearest fringe site see the fabulous DBG Chelsea Fringe website:



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