DBG Family Growing Day at Eastern Curve

De Beauvoir Gardeners, in conjunction with Garden Organic Master Gardeners, held a Family Growing Day on Sunday 13th to support parents and children who want to give growing their own food or flowers a go. Eleven families, which included 14 adults and 20 children, joined us for the afternoon at Eastern Curve Garden, E8 3DF.

DBG members Avril Broadley, Dee Carter, Tigger Cullinan, Miranda Janatka, Liz Hatt, Christopher Preston, and Nancy Turnbull were on hand to provide advice and support. In just over two hours we gave them a whirlwind tour of growing flowers and vegetables including what to grow where and when, preparing the soil, sowing seeds, tomato care, splitting plants, planting a herb garden in an orange crate and potting up. Every family went home with potted-up containers, sown seeds and masses of seedlings, as well as seed bomb made by the children for a bit of guerrilla gardening! Everyone seemed to have a whale of a time and evaluated it enthusiastically. People learned from each other and were even making plans to garden together.

Thanks to Dalston Eastern Curve Garden’s kind hospitality, donations of compost and seeds from Garden Organic, masses of plants from our members (especially Chris and Nancy) and the time, enthusiasm and refreshments from the volunteers it was a great day at almost no cost.


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