Pop-Up Chelsea

Chelsea Fringe is running from 19th May until 10 June to celebrate gardening all over London, not just at Chelsea. Find out more about all the events and participants at: www.chelseafringe.com.

DBG members are taking part and all the news and plans for pop-up gardens around De Beauvoir and Hackney (including a map) can be found on their great new website: http://dbgchelseafringe.wordpress.com/. They also have a page on the main Chelsea Fringe site, just click here. They are still looking for help so if you want to get involved, even if you just want to help someone else with their project, get in touch!

(DBG Chelsea Fringe committee: Francesca Bartlett, Tigger Cullinan, Miranda Janatka and Diana Weir).

One thought on “Pop-Up Chelsea

  1. Do remember that this is NOT just about pop-up gardens – ie new street installations in builders’ bags or other suitable containers. It’s equally about renovating existing street planting sites and can be as simple as adopting the nearest tree pit by adding compost and plants to make it an added attraction, not a weedy eyesore.
    We need special permission for every pop-up (which takes time and may not always be available) but we already have blanket approval for renovating street planting sites – as long as you follow the method we’ve agreed with the Council’s street tree man (see instruction sheet coming soon to the DeBG-Chelsea Fringe project site, linked above).
    And – last but definitely not least – we have organised a mass delivery of free LondonWaste compost for use on CF project sites, coming to Dalston Garden the week before the start of Chelsea Fringe (19th May). So tell us your plans and find yourself an empty compost sack (as well as some suitable plants), organise a driver – or a wheelbarrow – and happy planning!

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